Commercial Interior Design Atlanta, GA

“Inspiring design generates impactful spaces.”

Mitsch Design is an Atlanta-based commercial interior design, architecture, and FF&E procurement firm created to meet your every need. We offer a full-service approach for apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, offices, and commercial spaces. We believe in the importance of good design, creating unique, memorable spaces that inspire and make an impact on the people who enter them. Our high-quality design service is available in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We construct design solutions that transform your everyday life, we help create spaces that are unequivocally yours, and bring your brand to life.


Founded over 30 years ago, Mitsch Design has always been on a mission to revolutionize interior design and offer solutions that make a statement. We believe in the power of good design and how it can positively transform a person or a team’s life. We strive to work with transparency and collaboration, partnering with our clients in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

We have led projects in over 36 states. Although starting exclusively as a commercial interior design firm, we have expanded over the years to offer a full-service experience that includes architecture, design, and furniture sale and installation. This has allowed us to create a global approach to design.

Experts in what we do, Mitsch Design is your ideal partner for creating, designing, and bringing to life the space you’ve envisioned. Our team of designers and architects are masters at what they do: our areas of work are the designing, building, and furnishing of apartment complexes, senior living communities, assisted living communities, office spaces, hotels, and more.

Our Atlanta offices cater to the entire city and surrounding areas, creating unique spaces and designs that meet our client’s dreams. Mitsch design is made up of a team of top-quality designers who will be present each step of the way towards creating the space of your dreams. Our decades of experience in residential and commercial design and architecture developments make us experts at what we do. We trust we can translate your vision into a space that truly elevates your brand.



Interior Design is at the very root of Mitsch Design, it’s where we’ve come from and what we love to do. We approach design as a journey, a process in which we will be by your side from start to finish, focusing on every detail while always staying true to our Mitsch Design mission: thinking out of the box and creating a memorable design experience. Our attention to detail and our extensive knowledge make us the ideal partner in the journey of creating your space. We give great importance to generating healthy dialogue and a collaborative creative process, which is why our team is present at each step of the way. This is how we ensure the best results that embody your vision.

Atlanta’s evergrowing cityscape is full of beautifully built and designed buildings and facilities. Mitsch Design intends to continue adding high standards of architecture to the city. We see design as a process made up of smaller parts, and each one deserves the utmost care and detail in order to obtain the best final product. Our experience in interior design and architecture allows us to excel in this holistic approach to creating a space, taking each and every detail into account in order to create the bigger picture. Mitsch Design aims to elevate the bar for Atlanta architecture and design, by continuing to inspire the creation of standout, unique spaces.


Our interior design and architecture full-service experience includes:

  • Concept design & Programming
  • Field Verification & Laser Scanning
  • Building & Site Planning
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Virtual Reality Services
  • Furniture, Artwork, & Accessory Selection


Mitsch Design is not a new name in the Furniture and Installation industry, and our experience speaks for itself. Considered one of the top full-service providers in Atlanta, we strive to offer the best furnishing solutions for different types of spaces. We have experience working with various functional, aesthetic, and budgetary needs, as well as different types of spaces such as apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, and commercial spaces.

When it comes to Furniture and Installation in Atlanta, Mitch Design does it all: from procurement, to negotiation and logistics, warehousing, installation, and final details.


Our FF&E service will give you access to some of the top Atlanta furniture manufacturers, as our years of experience have led us to work with the best in the industry. The manufacturers we partner with offer a wide variety of styles and aesthetics to match your vision perfectly. Mitsch Design is also highly experienced in partnering with external design teams, working side by side to create the ideal space for you and your brand. We will ensure every step of your process goes smoothly and will be a trusted partner from start to finish.


Full-service really means full-service. Mitsch Design offers a team of professionals to meet your every need and solve any and all issues from day one. We handle logistics, decision-making, and final touches with the expertise and ease that a company with over 30 years of experience does. We aim to be a trustworthy partner throughout the entire process, bringing you the calm of working with a trustworthy team and the best furnishing options available in Atlanta.


Dealing with deliveries and installation can be frustrating and time-consuming, which is why we offer to take that weight off your back. We offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a trusted team of experts to handle all deliveries and orders, making sure everything moves forward smoothly without issues, and handling the important installation task with the utmost care and attention to detail that your space deserves.


At Mitsch Design, we believe in the whole experience. We see you, understand your vision and needs, and want to create unique, memorable spaces working closely with you and your brand. We are experts at what we do, and are proud to be able to create top-quality architecture and design in Atlanta. We offer a wide variety of services and knowledge and are excited to hear your ideas and vision. Whether you’re looking for a partner from start to finish or need an expert eye to convert an empty room into a space full of life, you can trust us. Elevate your space, and elevate your everyday.

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