Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design residential interiors?
No, we work with businesses, primarily multifamily and senior living property developers.

What does it cost the first time we meet?
There is no cost for an initial consultation.

The first time we meet, we’ll use our time to discuss your basic project needs and figure out if Mitsch Design is a good fit. Then, we’ll put together a proposal or propose a budget for your review before we meet again.

Is my project too small?
When you look at our portfolio, we are primarily involved with new construction and large furniture projects, but we also provide solutions for smaller-scale projects too.

Some of these include renovation projects where our specialists design single rooms or individual resident model units. Mitsch Design also provides furniture dealership services to partners who need help procuring and installing a few pieces of furniture.

Are you too busy for my project?
This comes up a lot, especially from busy partners in growing markets. Sometimes we hear this question because clients have previously worked with design firms that over committed their capabilities..

That’s why our team at Mitsch Design developed and uses a proven process and workflow to navigate the always-varying speed of work.

We build schedules that keep projects on track with a sound strategy—executed in collaboration with our partners.

How do you manage furniture installations when construction delivers late?
All installation projects get routed through our in-house logistics and warehouse team. Yes, we have a team that tracks each piece of furniture from the order date, all the way through installation!

Although reselection, availability, and shifting completion dates are inevitable in our industry, our years of experience in the multifamily and senior living markets have prepared us to help you through this process and get your furniture installed on time.

What design visualizations do you provide?

We use an exclusive real-time design technology called PreVU(c) VR.

From the first day, we start drawing space plans so that you can experience the spaces coming alive. It allows you to interact with a full 4D space with a VR headset or right through your computer screen.

Check out this video sample

Are you interior decorators?
No, we are a team of commercial interior designers, architects, and furniture designers.

Our degreed and licensed specialists are highly creative professionals with the expertise, skills, and connections to supply your project with furniture, art, and other finishing touches.

What if I just need furniture?
We can help! Whether you’re a developer, architect or interior designer, you can buy directly from us.

As a trusted furniture supplier, Mitsch Design specialists can help select, specify, warehouse, install, and stage your indoor and outdoor spaces.

My project is located in another state. Can your team still help?
Yes. Mitsch Design has projects and products installed in over 30 states.

We partner with developers across the United States and can be a trusted extension of your team, wherever you are.

Do you design to a specific style?
Our designers work very hard not to have a style.

Since some clients have had to navigate through design egos or lack of listening from previous partners, our team starts every project with a discovery meeting to ensure we hear and understand your vision.

From there, we will share a lookbook of conceptual images for your specific project. This is how we work to ensure the entire team shares the same vision and design language, culminating in well-executed project.

Do you know how to handle the accessibility requirements of a senior living community?
We do. Our team has experience creating safe, accessible senior living properties—without sacrificing beautiful, luxurious design.