Meet Our Team

Based out of Indianapolis and Atlanta, our team works with clients across the country.

Our partners choose us because we’re small enough to provide personalized, detail-oriented service (with a smile), yet large enough to cover every aspect of your project, from start to finish.

  • Jeryl Mitsch
    More about Jeryl Mitsch
  • Lucas Rice
    More about Lucas Rice
  • Kristin Crotzer
    Director of Logistics
    More about Kristin Crotzer
  • Katie Divine
    Vice President of Business Development
    More about Katie Divine
  • Erin Sanford
    Regional Vice President Midwest
    More about Erin Sanford
  • Brittany Seib
    Director of Finance
    More about Brittany Seib
  • Mallery South
    Director of Dealership
    More about Mallery South
  • JIll
    Jill St. Claire
    Director of Design
    More about Jill St. Claire
  • Christopher Wheeler
    Regional Vice President + Director of Engineering
    More about Christopher Wheeler
  • Indiana Adon
    Project Manager
  • Caroline Block
    Director of Business Development
  • Ryan Bunnell
  • Amanda Brooks
    Amanda Brooks
    Project Designer
  • Darin Claxton
    Principal Architect
    More about Darin Claxton
  • Alison Duff
    Purchasing Coordinator
  • April Eldridge
    Senior Project Manager
  • Maria Ellingwood-Crocker
    Creative Manager
  • Noelle Farmer
    Senior Project Designer
  • Hunter Hoyt
    Dealership Designer
  • Hilary Jensen
    Senior Dealership Designer
  • Michele Kelly-Nease
    Manager of Administration
  • Natalie Linton
    Senior Project Designer
  • McKenzie Martin
    Dealership Design Manager
  • Jessica Matthews
    Senior Project Manager
  • Alyssa Monka
    Sales Coordinator
  • Amelia Montana
    Dealership Designer
  • Emily Olguin
    Graduate Architect
  • Amy Preyer
    Amy Preyer
    Director of Business Development
  • Stephanie Rice
    Project Manager
  • Courtney Roessler
    Design Manager
  • Chelsea Setliff
    Dealership Designer
  • Kelly Slopsema
    Accounting Assistant
  • Anna Smith
    Quality Analyst
  • Haley Smith
    Senior Project Designer
  • Abbey Stawick
    Project Designer
  • Janelle Ustian
    Janelle Ustian
    Logistics Manager
  • Tabitha Vachon
    Senior Dealership Designer
  • Kelly Vrtis
    Kelly Vrtis
    Brand Ambassador
  • Anelise Worden
    Administrative Assistant
  • Kara Yoder
    Kara Yoder
    Logistics Manager

Guiding principles

Jeryl Mitsch

We strive to create a workplace environment that transforms the lives of our staff, clients, and the people who live in our spaces. It’s our ‘why’—the foundation of our company.

Jeryl Mitsch Owner, Mitsch Design