Erin Sanford

Principal of Design
with Mitsch Design since 2007

Erin Sanford

As Principal of Design at Mitsch Design, Erin operates as a catalyst for design and provides high-level design direction. Accountable for design quality and planning workflow, schedules and resources, she is also responsible for leading and mentoring designers to achieve high efficiency, design excellence and professional development and growth. Erin is instrumental in the successful management of her projects. Her eye for detail and love of organization ensures that whatever she undertakes will be completed on budget and on schedule every time. Erin consistently puts her client’s needs first and is highly praised for her integrity and thoroughness.

Fast Facts

Best interior design tip Think about your designs in 3D, reflect on the experience your Client will have when they walk through the space. Knowing how the design features will impact the space help to enroll decision-makers and instill confidence.

Favorite place on the planet Hawaii – the island lifestyle and Aloha vibe speak to the lake girl I am at heart

What inspires you? People, stories, experiences – I’m inspired by those I’m around every day and all they can do.