Jill St. Claire

Director of Design
with Mitsch Design since 2012

Jill St. Claire

As Creative Director for Mitsch Design, Jill brings enthusiasm to each project. She has a strong passion for multifamily design and works with many of our multifamily development clients. Her passion allows her to lead her team through each aspect of the design process with dedication. Jill has an incredible sense of style and aesthetics and has a natural ability to bring that through to create gorgeous and functional spaces with her team.


Fast Facts

Certifications NCIDQ certified: This is the industry’s recognition of expertise & proficiency of interior design principles, codes, building systems and more.

Memorable Mitsch memory Spending an entire weekend at Wasatch Lake with everyone and their significant others. Relaxing, swimming, laughing non-stop and just being with friends outside of work life. Good for the soul.

What inspires you? People who aren’t afraid to throw out a thought or idea, even if it’s not fully developed yet. That vulnerability shows a desire to learn, to grow, and have others help build on that idea… Those types of people inspire me to do the same and spectacular design soon follows.