The Commercial Furniture Process

We know that diving into the realm of commercial interior design can feel a bit daunting, but don’t worry! The Mitsch Design team is here to make the journey a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

In this friendly guide, we’ll share the inside scoop on the importance of FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) in commercial design, highlight the amazing perks of working hand-in-hand with a full-service interior design firm, and showcase the love and care our experienced team puts into every step of the process.

What Is FF&E And Why Is It Important For Commercial Interior Design?

FF&E stands for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment which covers everything from furniture, lighting, artwork, and other decorative items used to create a space. FF&E is important for commercial interior design because it helps to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that customers, clients, and employees will enjoy. The right FF&E can also help enhance the space’s aesthetic appeal and make it more professional, organized, and inviting.

Most think of FF&E as the final step of a project, but at Mitsch Design, we believe it should be integrated through the entire process. From the very beginning of the project when budgets are created, we listen to our clients to get their first vision of what they think the finished project will look like. As a full service furniture dealership, we have access to the finest furnishings available, and our interior design specialists will help you find the best solutions to create a memorable space.

The Benefits Of Working With A Full-Service Interior Designer

Hiring a full-service interior designer is beneficial in a multitude of ways. Not only do they have access to resources, such as furniture, fabrics, art, and accessories that are not typically available to the public, but they can also save you time and energy by sourcing from their established network of vendors. Working with a designer also eliminates the complications and limitations of sourcing FF&E through furniture dealers, such as limited selection, lack of customization, and delivery delays.

A full-service interior designer will be able to provide personalized design solutions tailored to your individual needs and ensure that all elements are delivered on time and within budget.

Wide Selection: A full-service furniture dealer can offer a wide selection of furniture from different manufacturers, ensuring that you get the perfect piece for your home or office.

Expert Advice: Full-service furniture dealers are experienced in the industry and can offer expert advice on which pieces would be best suited to suit your style and budget.

Professional Installation: Professional installation is often included in the services provided by a full-service furniture dealer. This takes the hassle and stress out of setting up your furniture.

Quality Assurance: Working with a full-service furniture dealer ensures that your furniture is of the highest quality. They can provide warranties and guarantees on purchased items.

Customization: Many full-service furniture dealers offer customization options to ensure that you get exactly what you want. This could include different fabrics, styles, and finishes.

Mitsch Design is a full-service commercial interior design firm specializing in multi-family properties, from new builds to renovations. We help our clients standout from the competition with distinctive spaces that deliver memorable experiences and bring your brand to life. While interior design is the overarching view of your project, FF&E is what brings your space to life and creates that finished product.

Finishing Touches And Installation From Our Experienced Team

As Mitsch Design is a full-service commercial furniture dealership, we handle everything from ordering and logistics, to finishing touches. We aim to make the process for our clients as worry-free as possible. Our logistics team handles the warehousing of furniture and oversees and inspect shipments when they arrive to guarantee that the items are up to our standards. With construction, we know that deadlines can be pushed back, so we house our clients’ furniture in the warehouse until it is ready to install.

As installation begins, our team oversees the finishing touches. Our installers are trained for white glove delivery and installation. We also have an Install Designer on site that handles everything from making the bed, setting the table, hanging art, and steaming the curtains. From the major pieces to accessories on a coffee table or bookshelf, our team makes sure every detail is beautifully covered.