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The Value of a Certified Commercial Interior Designer

Selecting the perfect professional to guide your commercial interior design project can be a challenging task. The question often arises: Should you hire a certified interior designer or an interior decorator? With insights from industry experts, this article delves into the distinctive merits of a certified commercial interior designer, using the example of the successful and innovative firm, Mitsch Design.

April Eldridge, Senior Project Manager, and Erin Sanford, Principal of Design, provide an enlightening view of the knowledge and expertise inherent in the field of certified commercial interior design.

Certified Designer Vs. Decorator: The Important Distinction

The fundamental difference between a certified interior designer and a decorator lies in their educational background and depth of knowledge. “Education and knowledge base are a huge difference between a certified interior designer and a decorator,” Eldridge says. Certified designers acquire vital knowledge about building codes and material specification requirements, empowering them to provide solutions beyond aesthetic elements such as colors, fabrics, and furniture.

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The Journey to Becoming a Certified Interior Designer

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Earning the title of a certified interior designer involves years of dedicated education and professional experience. The candidate must undergo a minimum of 60 semester or 90 quarter credit hours of post-secondary interior design coursework from an accredited institution. Moreover, at least two years of full-time work hours affirmed by a qualified direct supervisor or sponsor are needed before sitting for their certification test.

Advantages of Hiring a Certified Interior Designer

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“A certified interior designer is able to provide a holistic approach to their projects and clients,” Sanford explains. With their expansive knowledge covering multiple areas that interior design affects, these professionals can provide solutions that satisfy diverse project requirements. Their approach dives deep into the design, offering solutions and design ideas that surpass the surface-level details, thereby ensuring a comprehensive execution of the client’s vision.

The Mitsch Design Difference

Mitsch Design stands out for its people and process. The firm believes in attentively listening to their clients and delivering intelligent, holistic designs for their projects. The team seeks to fill any project gaps, constantly aiming to offer value-adding solutions and ideas.

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One distinguishing service that Mitsch Design provides is its Dealership and Logistics team, a one-stop-shop for clients, encompassing architecture and design, plus the ability to select, specify, order, and install Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE). Furthermore, their broad offerings also include branding, signage, and renderings.

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The ability to create an enjoyable experience for their clients also sets Mitsch Design apart. “We provide fabulous design, but we also enjoy the process,” Erin says, explaining their commitment to making every interaction enjoyable for their clients, from meetings and reviews to site visits.

Wrapping Up

When choosing a partner for your commercial interior design project, consider the depth of knowledge, range of services, and the overall experience the firm can provide. A certified commercial interior designer, like those at Mitsch Design, brings a unique blend of education, expertise, and passion that can truly elevate your project to new heights.

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